8 ways to transform your home on a budget

Maurie Backman •
The Motley Fool
Choosing colors for painting walls at new home

Most people who own homes will agree that there’s always room for some sort of improvement. The problem, however, is that sprucing up a home costs money — something most of us don’t have in an unlimited supply. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to refresh your home and boost


Tips for an awesome wedding on a budget

Christy Bieber •
The Motley Fool
Wedding ring with a diamond lies on a wedding bouquet of wild flowers

If you’re getting ready to tie the knot, you’re probably also getting ready to drain much of your savings — or worse, charge up your credit card. The average wedding budget for 2016 was $35,329, which is a ton of cash that could instead go toward key financial goals, like saving for a house down


How to control emotional spending

Kayla Sloan •
Everything Finance

Life has a way of dealing some hard hands every now and then. The world has a tendency to leave you feeling stressed, hopeless, or unhappy at some point, no matter if that’s due to your family, job, health, or finances. When these moments arise, people tend to handle them in their own way. For