Debating whether to remodel or sell your house? Ask these seven questions first

By Danielle Braff •
Chicago Tribune
Man vacuums with long shop vac hose in renovation room addition with brick wall.

Sandy Tremain and her husband, Jeff, bought her 1960s Deerfield home in 2008. Back then the four-bedroom home with original pink bathrooms, galley kitchen and vintage appliances worked just fine. Six years later, though, the Tremains felt the time was ripe to move on. In that period, their household had grown to include three children,


Are you investing or speculating?

Taylor Schulte, Founder, CFP, and CEO •

Do you feel hesitant to put more of your money in the market because it feels like a gamble? Even seasoned investors can get nervous about investing their hard-earned money because all investments come with risk. And for most people, the thought of losing the money you worked hard to earn is far more painful


6 tips to help kids start investing

Kayla Sloan •
Everything Finance

As an adult, financial advisors and those that have gone before you have no doubt emphasized the importance of investing your money. After all, in terms of your financial goals, your children’s, and your future, sufficiently putting your income towards investments can equate to an all-around better future. Of course, as any financially-aware individual knows,