Should you remodel or move?

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar

If you’re feeling like you’ve outgrown your current home, you might be considering a move. And with housing markets around the country heating up with the weather, it’s peak house hunting season. But what if the idea of moving stresses you out? What if you like your yard and your neighborhood, but just not your


10 hidden housing costs new homeowners don’t expect and Mikey Rox •

You’re a new homeowner — congrats! The hardest part is over, for sure (saying goodbye to most of your savings isn’t easy, after all). But the money hemorrhage isn’t finished just yet. There are several under-the-radar and often overlooked fees and expenses that accompany home ownership that a newbie like you might miss. Keep tabs


Three reasons I’m paying my mortgage off early even though it doesn’t make financial sense

Christy Bieber •
The Motley Fool
Couple meets with their financial advisor

Paying off your mortgage early really doesn’t make financial sense. Your mortgage interest rate is probably lower than the rate of return you could earn on investments, which means you’ll likely end up with less money by prepaying your mortgage than you would’ve if you’d taken that cash and invested it.  Because of the opportunity


Nine ways to lower your mortgage payment

Choncé Maddox •
Money Under 30
Young man cooking while a young girl sitting on a kitchen counter waiting

A high mortgage payment can account for a large amount of your income, leaving you with very little to cover the rest of your regular living expenses. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend trying to keep your mortgage costs low, preferably under 30 percent of your take-home income. If you’re wondering how to