Family holiday traditions that don’t focus on tons of presents

Taylor Pittman •
Huffington Post
Family Holiday Traditions That Don’t Focus On Tons Of Presents

The end-of-year holidays revolve around the spirit of giving, and many parents are shaking up what it means to “give” to their kids.  Earlier this year, actress Mila Kunis echoed many parents’ sentiments about holiday gift-giving. In October, she clarified her comment that she was adopting a new Christmas tradition that involved “no presents for the


How to have a debt-free holiday season

Christy Bieber •
The Motley Fool
Celebration and presents

With the holiday season approaching quickly, Americans are coming together to share a common tradition: worrying about having enough cash to get through the festive season.  More than 6 in 10 Americans report feeling at least some stress during the holidays, and finances are the No. 1 cause across all age groups. Sadly, concerns about holiday


How to have a happy Valentine’s Day for less

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Love may be priceless, but Valentine’s Day isn’t. Americans will spend $18.2 billion celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, predicts the National Retail Federation. That’s an average of $136.57 a person. An estimated $4.3 billion will be spent on jewelry, $3.8 billion on a night out, $2 billion on flowers and $1 billion on greeting cards.