How To financially prepare for a new baby

Connie Mei •
Family time at home

A baby on the way is a very exciting time for any family. Whether you’re new parents or adding to your growing family, preparing for your new arrival can already feel like a handful. Aside from the upcoming sleepless nights and never ending diaper changes, one of your biggest concerns is probably your finances. According


Learn from the daily habits of wealthy individuals

Sandra Block, Senior Associate Editor, and <i>Kiplinger's Personal Finance</i> •
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Thomas Corley, a certified financial planner, spent five years researching the habits of wealthy people for his book, Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals. Of the people he surveyed, 76% were self-made millionaires. If you had to select one daily habit that has the greatest impact on building wealth, what would it


My family drives me (financially) nuts

Cima, Katherine W. Dean, Wells Fargo Private Bank, Family Dynamics, CFP, and National Director •
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Family gatherings should be filled with excitement and fun, but have you ever arrived for the celebration only to find yourself feeling annoyed or frustrated, and ready to turn around and go right back home? You are not alone. Most of us have felt this at one time or another. And then, throw in a


Small steps to help achieve big goals of health, wealth and happiness

Arlington Capital Management, Investment Adviser Representative, Justin J. Kumar, and Senior Portfolio Manager •
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It’s hard to believe, but half the year has already passed. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Do they seem too daunting? Perhaps they may not be if you break them up into smaller steps and take action on the first ones. Here are some ideas to kick-start you on the path