Millennials are leading an investment revolution — here’s what makes their generation different

Kara Chin •
Business Insider
Young Professionals

Nuveen’s Third Annual Responsible Investing Survey of over 1,000 affluent investors found there is increased interest in working for, buying from, and investing in socially responsible companies. This is even truer among the millennials surveyed. 92% of millennials agreed with the statement “I care more about having a positive impact on society than doing well


Switching financial roles

Travis •
Enemy of Debt

There’s an old saying about walking a mile in the shoes of someone else to gain wisdom and understanding. That’s true in many aspects of life, including your finances. I’m not talking about living a day in the life of someone significantly more or less off financially, I’m talking about your significant other. Let’s be


How to raise financially responsible kids

Jackie Cohen •
Kids Ain't Cheap

Set a good example when comes to money habits, and you’ll raise financially responsible kids. Here’s how. Be Transparent About Finances In many homes, money is treated like a well-guarded secret. The majority of parents do not tell their children how much money they make or how much things cost. Financial secrecy in households breeds