How do I split bills in a blended family?

Jenn Clark and Tamila McDonald •
Suburban Finance
Throwing rocks

When two families come together to form one, there’s more to manage than just the wedding and living arrangement. Both parents likely have their own financial obligations, and you’ll need to split mutual expenses. Often, figuring out how to split bills in a blended family requires some thought. Not every situation makes a 50/50 arrangement


Gifting college to your grandchild

Mary Kane •

Back in the late 1960s, when many of today’s grandparents were heading off to college, tuition was measured in the hundreds of dollars. A semester at the University of Iowa cost in-state students $185 in 1968. That same year, Harvard students were shocked by a 20% hike in tuition…to $2,400 a year. This year, the