HR essentials for emerging companies- strategies for engaging and retaining employees

Scholley Bubenik •
Smiling coworkers in discussion in design studio

Most startup and emerging small companies are fairly unconcerned about human resource functions in their company. In fact, some entrepreneurs have a sense that human resources are all about strict guidelines, red tape, and ridiculous rules enforced by the HR Police- all things that could impede the growth and dynamics of a fast-growing company. However,


Three distractions when businesses consider leasehold title insurance

Tom Pfister •

  Protecting against a domino effect Business tenants who want to protect their leasehold estate may purchase title insurance. Generally, this is accomplished by an owner’s policy combined with the ALTA Endorsement 13-06. That’s the coverage combination, along with other applicable endorsements as requested. Referred to as the Leasehold-Owner’s endorsement, the ALTA 13-06 articulates protections


Tell your stories, build your business!

Ellen Huxtable •
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What are your stories, and how can you use them to build your business? We all have stories. You have your successes and the abysmal failures, your origin stories and funny anecdotes. Stories are the vehicles of emotion – joy, sorrow, anger, commitment and more. Emotion builds connection, connection builds relationships and relationships can build