Got a business credit card or loan? Keep commercial debt separate from your personal credit

John Ulzheimer •
The Simple Dollar
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Businesses both small and large take on commercial debt as a way to finance projects, expand, or even to make payroll. Commercial credit cards are also popular among businesses due to the many conveniences and perks they offer. But if you’re a small business owner who’s considering applying for commercial funding, there are a number


5 proven ways to cut costs for your small business

Chonce Maddox •
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According to Bloomberg, eight out of ten small businesses fail. Some fail because they don’t adequately understand customer needs. Others can’t communicate the value of their products and services. Still, others don’t understand how to promote themselves effectively. Yet, the number one reason businesses fail is the lack of a sustainable business model—they simply spend


How to separate your personal and business finances (and why you need to)

Kevin Mercadante •
Money Under 30
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It’s not always easy to keep your personal finances separate from your side hustle or small business. But separate you must, otherwise, you’ll have no way of knowing if your business is profitable. There’s also the potential to make mistakes. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your personal finances separate from your business. Most