3 myths about your 401(k)

Jon Gorey •
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With traditional pensions all but disappearing, the workplace retirement plan has become the bedrock of many people’s retirement savings strategy. Four out of five Americans work at a company that offers a 401k (or a variant such as a 403b). And while far too many workers still don’t or can’t contribute to their 401k, it’s


6 answers to your 401(k) questions

Founder &, Reviresco Wealth Advisory, CEO, Ian Maxwell, and Financial Adviser •
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When working with clients to develop their financial plans, integrating 401(k) accounts into an overall retirement strategy is an important part of the process. For most people, their 401(k) represents their largest source of funds set aside for retirement. Whether deciding how much to contribute, choosing investments within the 401(k), or wondering if it is


When not to roll over a 401(k) to an IRA

<i>Kiplinger's Retirement Report</i>, Editor, and Rachel L. Sheedy •

When leaving your job, the conventional wisdom has long been to take your 401(k) money with you by rolling it into an IRA. And 95% of the time that’s the way to go, says Evan Beach, a certified financial planner for Campbell Wealth Management, in Alexandria, Va. But in some cases, taking the conventional route