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How to narrow in on your brand message

Personal Branding Blog •

Branding yourself with authority will do more than authenticate your image. In fact, it could turn your entire business around. If done correctly, you can position yourself above your peers and become a well-known influencer within your niche. What’s the one thing you must always remember? People want to buy from and work with someone


7 habits of people with excellent credit scores

Lisa Gerstner, Contributing Editor, and <i>Kiplinger's Personal Finance</i> •

Want to improve your credit score? Take a page from the best. People with excellent scores know that following a few basic rules is the key to success. Adopting their habits could boost your score into the stratosphere, opening the door to the best interest rates and terms on loans. And capturing the lowest loan


Retirees, join a nonprofit as an encore career

<i>Kiplinger's Retirement Report</i>, Susan B. Garland, and Contributing Editor •

Suzanne Armstrong thrived in the corporate world, working for American Express and later consulting for Citibank, Deloitte and other behemoths. Her expertise: helping leaders build support for major change in a company’s vision or systems. Several years ago, Armstrong went through her own transformation. She left big business and now taps her “change leadership” know-how


Eight frugal ways to ward off cabin fever

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar

Snowmen and hot cocoa are nice and all, but for many of us the novelty of the cold and snow begins to wear off shortly after Christmas and New Year’s Day. By the doldrums of mid-February, the cold, dreary weather takes its toll, isolating many of us in our own homes. And when it feels like