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4 tips to sell your home quickly

Christy Bieber •
The Motley Fool
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When you’ve decided to move out of the house you own, you likely want to unload the home as quickly as possible. Whether you’re eager to get to a job in another state, have found a new dream home, or are simply tired of the mortgage payments, you don’t want to spend months struggling to


How to provide financial help to aging parents

Sandra Block, Senior Editor, and <i>Kiplinger's Personal Finance</i> •

Mark Kress, 59, of Sterling, Va., first realized his 88-year-old father, Willard, needed help after he saw some bills with past-due balances stacked on his father’s kitchen table. That was completely out of character for Willard, who had a successful career as a certified public accountant. Initially, Willard didn’t believe he needed help. For most