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Sending a child to college? 15 money-saving tips

First Foundation Advisors, Daniel Fan, Ll.M., Director of Wealth Planning, CFP, and J.D. •
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It’s back-to-school time, and if you have a child starting or returning to college, no doubt tuition costs are on your mind. But there are many other costs involved in the college experience as well. Hopefully, you’ve been saving up for years, but even if you haven’t, here are my top 15 tips and tricks


Fall: the season to donate

Jacob Sensiba •
Saving Advice
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The season of fall brings around new colors and new weather. It also precludes the season of winter, as well as a few significant holidays. During this time of year, we often reflect on the things that we have and the people in our lives. When thinking about what we are thankful for, we often


Three ways to make saving easy and painless

Wendy Connick •
The Motley Fool
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Everyone agrees that it’s important to save money, but saying and doing are two different things (especially when it comes to finances). Regularly setting aside money for various financial goals is really hard to do, given all the other things we could be spending that money on now. You can make saving money a lot