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9 ways to earn extra cash this summer

the editors of Kiplinger's Personal Finance •

Maybe you’re a teacher, with a couple months of downtime before the new school year in the fall. Or a student, hoping to pocket some summer spending money or get a jump-start on your retirement savings. Or, heck, just a hard-working 9-to-5er trying to fund an overdue beach trip or looming holiday gifts. You want


Taxes can be a real threat to your retirement

Matt Dicken, Founder, Strategic Wealth Designers, CEO, and Investment Adviser •

When people are asked what the biggest threats to their retirement plans are, they offer a host of responses. The most common include outliving their wealth, health insurance costs, nursing home expenses and having to help their children or grandchildren financially. All of these can be major threats to retirement plans, but there’s one big


The Mural Building: American Writers Museum


Our current mural celebrates a new cultural addition to Chicago and the first of its kind in the nation: the American Writers Museum. A place to learn about the rich history of American authors, the museum highlights all genres, subjects and styles of writing from every region of the U.S. In our mural, we used


The debt-free move

Chris Sirico •
The Simple Dollar

No matter how you slice it, moving is expensive. The American Moving and Storage Association estimates that the average in-state move cost around $2,300 (and that number increases to $4,300 for a state-to-state move.) But with careful budgeting, research, and a little elbow grease, it’s possible to execute a move without racking up tons of