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Small business owners’ biggest retirement mistake

Founder, Nicholas Giacoumakis, president, Retirement Group Inc., New England Investment &, Cepa, and IAR/Investment Adviser •
Small business meeting

Investors often enjoy the excitement that comes with a strong bull market as we watch our investment portfolios grow. During these times, we aim to maximize the value and performance of our investments. And when bear markets hit, we seek to protect these assets. Whether we’re dealing with expansion cycles or recessionary risk cycles, we’re


Is an interest-only mortgage ever a good idea?

Wendy Connick •
The Motley Fool
Vintage window on old brick wall of European style house. Antique window on old brick wall of European style house.

Survivors of the Great Recession may remember that interest-only mortgages were a major factor in causing the housing crash and the ensuing economic train wreck. Yet in the last few years, these mortgages have reappeared as an option for some homebuyers. Should you consider getting an interest-only mortgage? What is an interest-only mortgage? With a


2018 SIMPLE IRA limits

Dan Caplinger •
The Motley Fool

SIMPLE IRAs are popular among small employers looking to give workers an easy way to save for retirement. Limits on SIMPLE IRA contributions are indexed to inflation, and similar indexing led to a boost for those who use more sophisticated 401(k) plans. However, the inflation adjustment wasn’t enough to lead to a change in the