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Make charitable giving a win-win part of your wealth plan

Founder, president, Regent Wealth Management, Donald B. Bergis, and Investment Adviser •

There are tremendous breaks and incentives written into the tax code for charitable giving, and you don’t have to be wealthy to take advantage of them. But they’re most successful for people who truly have a charitable bent — those who sincerely want to see some of their money go to the charity or charities


How to calculate an estimated hourly rate as a marketing contractor, freelancer or consultant

Mark Miller •

We frequently approach marketers with great marketing contract staffing roles and other interim job opportunities. However, one common problem is that they’re unsure what a reasonable rate is for their hourly work. This is especially common in professionals who have spent their entire careers working full-time positions. These days, marketers can get great work as


Eight money moves that are always a good idea

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar

Between the so-called money experts, your family members, and your friends, you’ve probably endured your share of outdated financial advice and plain old media hype. One person says penny stocks are H-O-T, while others insist they’re an absolute outrage. Your neighborhood real estate agent says the area is a buyer’s market, while the local news tells the story of