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Leave your loved ones a generous legacy, not a tax bill

Founder, Investment Adviser Representative, Gary Mastrodonato, Masters Wealth Management Group, and CEO •
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One of the most important things you’ll have to consider when drawing up a comprehensive financial plan is how you want to live in retirement. Ironically, a vital part of that discussion will be deciding what you want to happen when you die. Many Baby Boomers want to leave money to their children and, like


5 back-to-school items I refuse to buy this year

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar
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Is there anything that says “summer is basically over” quite like the arrival of next year’s school supply list? Since my children’s school follows a “modified, year-round” schedule, they head back to school today, August 2nd. This is a huge departure from when I was a child; back then, we had three full months of summer, as


Quiz: How well do you know 529 college plans?

Deborah L. Meyer, Cpa,, WorthyNest Llc, CEO, and Cfp(R) •

Saving for college keeps getting more challenging. By 2024, the average sticker price for a year at public in-state college is expected to climb to $34,000, and for private school undergrads it could be $76,000, according to the College Board’s 2016 study “Trends in College Pricing.” For people looking for ways to fund future college


What your credit score is trying to tell you

John Ulzheimer •
The Simple Dollar
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Have you developed the habit of regularly checking your credit reports and scores? If so, kudos to you. You’re already doing a better job monitoring your credit than most Americans. However, if your focus remains fixed solely on those three-digit scores, you could be missing some valuable and helpful information — your “score factors.” What are


Eight benefits of fully engaged donors

Michael Rosen •

“I think happiness is a combination of pleasure, engagement and meaningfulness.” — Dr. Ian K. Smith, celebrity physician You will be a successful fundraising professional if you make giving fun and enjoyable for donors and engage them in ways they will find meaningful. Gallup, the international polling company, conducted a survey of over 17,000 American