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6 tips to help kids start investing

Kayla Sloan •
Everything Finance

As an adult, financial advisors and those that have gone before you have no doubt emphasized the importance of investing your money. After all, in terms of your financial goals, your children’s, and your future, sufficiently putting your income towards investments can equate to an all-around better future. Of course, as any financially-aware individual knows,


Which social media platform is best for your business?

Eric Rosenberg •
business social media

At a conference I attended, Smart Passive Income founder Pat Flynn told the audience, comprised of bloggers, finance business owners, and media, that you should “be everywhere.” You can see this implemented at Pat’s active blog, Twitter account, Facebook group, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and more around the web. But everyone doesn’t have the time


Home down payments: 7 myths debunked

Selena Maranjian •
The Motley Fool

The National Association of Realtors just released a snapshot of home purchases in 2017, and it offers some interesting details: For example, the median home purchase price was $235,000, and 88% of buyers used a mortgage to secure their home. Some of its down payment findings may surprise you, though, as they go against common myths.