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If you lead an association, you really need to read this

Bruce Weinstein •
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Getty Royalty Free If you’re an association leader, this column is for you. I’ve been interviewing successful association leaders from a wide range of disciplines. I asked each person, “What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting out?” There was little overlap in what each leader said, and their suggestions apply


Estate planning answers for ‘hard’ assets like art, heirlooms

Grant Rawdin, CFP®, Founder, CEO, and J.D. •
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As the baby boomer generation approaches one of the largest transfers of wealth in U.S. history, many people are focusing on how to facilitate the flow of their assets to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. While passing along more liquid assets like stocks, bonds and cash can be straightforward, “hard” assets like property, art and


Advice for family wealth transfers

Roger Wohlner •
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Money conversations between parents and adult children are difficult at best. Issues such as investments, retirement planning, estate planning wishes, and elder care are never easy. A study by Fidelity Investments entitled, Intra-Family Generational Finance Study, highlights some of the key issues involved. A lack of communication and planning can be costly to the family in


Three strategies to build a strong company culture

Naz Beheshti •

While a healthy paycheck is certainly of interest to many of us, the most successful employers have come to understand that pay alone does not attract or retain a company’s most desirable and talented employees. There is now greater employee emphasis on whether the organization aligns with their personal values, purpose, and has a positive