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8 ways to prevent smartphone data breaches

Arlington Capital Management, Investment Adviser Representative, Justin J. Kumar, and Senior Portfolio Manager •
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Your phone is essentially a one-stop shop for your data and, if stolen or exposed to identity thieves, can compromise your identity and financial accounts. People are using smartphones for more of their digital needs, but even if you don’t use mobile banking or financial apps, your phone could store sensitive data from online shopping,


The magic math of paying yourself first

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar
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When my husband and I first started building a life together in our 20s, we treated our money the way too many young couples do: We bought what we wanted, made an unenthusiastic effort to save, and crossed our fingers that everything would work out for the best. Not surprisingly, things didn’t always turn out that great.


Your budget is no place for wishful thinking

Trent Hamm •
The Simple Dollar
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Budgets are often presented as being some kind of magical tool that people can use that will transform their day-to-day life from an ongoing slow-motion financial disaster into a debt eliminating and wealth building machine. Quite often, personal finance books and websites buy into this picture, too. They immediately suggest creating a budget for your