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Home renovations best left to a pro

Christy Bieber •
The Motley Fool
House roof with solar panels on top

Making home improvements can boost your resale value and enhance your living space, especially if you choose the right upgrades to make. But home renovations can also be costly, with the average price for remodeling rooms ranging anywhere from a few thousand dollars to six figures and beyond. Investing some “sweat equity” by doing some


8 ways to transform your home on a budget

Maurie Backman •
The Motley Fool
Choosing colors for painting walls at new home

Most people who own homes will agree that there’s always room for some sort of improvement. The problem, however, is that sprucing up a home costs money — something most of us don’t have in an unlimited supply. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a fortune to refresh your home and boost


Mortgage help for debt-saddled grads

Pat Mertz Esswein, <i>Kiplinger's Personal Finance</i>, and Associate Editor •
Couple showing a house key in house

Today’s college grads leave school with an average of $34,000 in student-loan debt. That mound of debt is delaying homeownership among millennials. Parents and grandparents who cosigned private student loans or took out Parent PLUS loans may also be burdened. Now, mortgage giant Fannie Mae has launched loan-underwriting changes that will lighten the load. When