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4 tips for a budget-friendly, “plan b” getaway

Jessica Sommerfield •
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As our anniversary date approached this year, my husband and I started discussing ways to celebrate. Our initial idea would cost several hundred dollars before even getting to what we’d likely spend on meals, souvenirs, and miscellaneous expenses. Although we had some savings set aside, we decided we didn’t feel comfortable spending that much on


How to control emotional spending

Kayla Sloan •
Everything Finance

Life has a way of dealing some hard hands every now and then. The world has a tendency to leave you feeling stressed, hopeless, or unhappy at some point, no matter if that’s due to your family, job, health, or finances. When these moments arise, people tend to handle them in their own way. For


5 retirement basics for women who want to take charge of investing

Max Hechtman, president, Partner, Max Wealth &, Investment Adviser Representative, and Insurance Solutions •
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When it comes to investing, it seems as if men traditionally have run the show. When men worked and more women stayed home to take care of the family, it was the husband’s salary that went into savings, his pension and/or his 401(k), and his Social Security benefits that they would largely rely on someday.