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5 retirement basics for women who want to take charge of investing

Max Hechtman, president, Partner, Max Wealth &, Investment Adviser Representative, and Insurance Solutions •
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When it comes to investing, it seems as if men traditionally have run the show. When men worked and more women stayed home to take care of the family, it was the husband’s salary that went into savings, his pension and/or his 401(k), and his Social Security benefits that they would largely rely on someday.


How to deal with huge medical bills

Holly Johnson •
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A report from the American Journal of Medicine shared some sad statistics about the state of American medical care and medical bankruptcies: A 2009 study revealed that 62.1% of U.S. bankruptcies had a medical cause that year. That figure is in stark contrast to 1981, when only 8% of bankruptcies listed medical debt as a root


Remaining frugal as your income grows

Trent Hamm •
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Like many people, I spent my college years being extremely frugal. I did all kinds of things in college to save money. I ate absurd amounts of ramen noodles, as it was an extremely cheap form of calories. I lived in a tiny apartment with as many as seven other people to get rent well


A new iTunes IRS Scam

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An apple a day keeps the scammer away! A new scheme has been on the loose, so don’t fall for it. Cybercriminals are posing as IRS agents confusing unsuspecting people and threatening that they have unpaid taxes. These criminals tell victims that they face late penalties and will be persecuted unless they comply. What makes