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5 ways your camping budget can go up in flames

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar

Camping, in its rawest form, is one of the most frugal vacation options in the world. All you really need is a tent (or some other shelter), something to sleep in or on, basic supplies for cooking and eating, and the means to start and maintain a fire. Beyond those essential furnishings and skills, everything


Seed a Roth IRA for your grandkids

<i>Kiplinger's Retirement Report</1>, Mary Kane, and Associate Editor •

As summer approaches, teenagers and college students are usually busy planning for summer jobs. And the income they earn gives grandparents an opportunity to help the youngsters build a nest egg by contributing to a Roth IRA on the grandkids’ behalf. Contributions to Roth IRAs give grandchildren “a huge head start,” says Jennifer Failla, a