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5 back-to-school items I refuse to buy this year

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar
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Is there anything that says “summer is basically over” quite like the arrival of next year’s school supply list? Since my children’s school follows a “modified, year-round” schedule, they head back to school today, August 2nd. This is a huge departure from when I was a child; back then, we had three full months of summer, as


Quiz: How well do you know 529 college plans?

Deborah L. Meyer, Cpa,, WorthyNest Llc, CEO, and Cfp(R) •

Saving for college keeps getting more challenging. By 2024, the average sticker price for a year at public in-state college is expected to climb to $34,000, and for private school undergrads it could be $76,000, according to the College Board’s 2016 study “Trends in College Pricing.” For people looking for ways to fund future college


How do you know when you’re ready to retire?

Founder, Investment Adviser Representative, Gary Mastrodonato, Masters Wealth Management Group, and CEO •
Senior woman reading a book

There has long been this image — perpetuated by advertisements, TV shows and movies — of a guy in his mid-60s who just can’t wait to retire. He’s excited to move to Florida. Or finally travel to Paris. Or to golf … or gamble … or just sit on his couch and read books about


7 tips for choosing the right executor

CFP®, Owner, Esq., Daniel A. Timins, and Law Offices of Daniel Timins •
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It’s an important question: Who can be trusted to take care of your estate when you’re gone? When you pass away and your will is accepted for probate, your executor “steps into your shoes,” meaning he or she can perform all the legal tasks you used to do. This includes selling your property, paying creditors,