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To make a financial plan, you need a financial purpose

Founder &, president, Alfie Tounjian, CFP, Investment Adviser, and Advantage Retirement Group •

What is meant by “purpose-driven finances”? It simply means that money and wealth are just numbers on a ledger; they are nothing without a purpose attached to them. In retirement, that purpose is different for everyone. But remember, this is not about rate of returns. Instead, the question is, “What do you want the wealth


Eight frugal ways to ward off cabin fever

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar

Snowmen and hot cocoa are nice and all, but for many of us the novelty of the cold and snow begins to wear off shortly after Christmas and New Year’s Day. By the doldrums of mid-February, the cold, dreary weather takes its toll, isolating many of us in our own homes. And when it feels like