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Stop pushing my buttons! Family tensions can prevent forward planning

Cima, Katherine W. Dean, Wells Fargo Private Bank, Family Dynamics, CFP, and National Director •
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Oftentimes it seems family members can push our buttons in ways that no one else can. The fact that we are generally more emotionally reactive to our families than anyone else makes it challenging to function well within our families. The emotion inherent within family relationships creates a dynamic tension between our desire to belong


How to deal with huge medical bills

Holly Johnson •
The Simple Dollar
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A report from the American Journal of Medicine shared some sad statistics about the state of American medical care and medical bankruptcies: A 2009 study revealed that 62.1% of U.S. bankruptcies had a medical cause that year. That figure is in stark contrast to 1981, when only 8% of bankruptcies listed medical debt as a root


Leaving your digital legacy

Senior Adviser, CFP®, Ken Moraif, and Money Matters •
Cyber security concept: closed padlock

My mom, who passed away a few years ago, was a very careful and meticulous person who kept a notebook with all of her online account passwords. Mom was also a Morse code operator in the Royal Air Force during WWII, so all of her passwords were in code. I was lucky: She told me


Leave your loved ones a generous legacy, not a tax bill

Founder, Investment Adviser Representative, Gary Mastrodonato, Masters Wealth Management Group, and CEO •
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One of the most important things you’ll have to consider when drawing up a comprehensive financial plan is how you want to live in retirement. Ironically, a vital part of that discussion will be deciding what you want to happen when you die. Many Baby Boomers want to leave money to their children and, like