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The countdown is on!

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The new DePaul University Wintrust Arena is in the works! The stadium construction is almost finished with the first home game set for November 11. Wintrust Arena will seat more than 10,000 people and will be the cornerstone of “The Collection at McCormick Square,” located next to McCormick Center. This new home court for DePaul


Rethinking the nonprofit business model

Travis Barker •
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In a recent TED Talk, Pallotta contends that nonprofit business models should leverage the same business model tools and strategies as the for profit industry. The reasoning supporting this conclusion is that NPO’s need to become more competitive to recruit top talent, create competitive advantage, and generate additive values that are wanted by the customers


How to select the best nonprofit board members

Jay Love •
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The most important committee of any nonprofit board (after the Executive Committee is eliminated) is the Governance Committee. Why? The entire structure, spirit, productiveness and camaraderie of any board is based upon the people comprising that board! Therefore, the careful recruiting and selecting process based upon insightful mixing and matching of skills, passions and personalities


Does your nonprofit need an independent audit?

Suzanne Chaix •
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When it comes to audits, an independent nonprofit audit is different than an IRS audit. An independent auditor, who should be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), completes an independent audit. These audits are an examination of your financial statements and accounting records. Once a nonprofit audit is completed, the auditor will give your company a report