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Over dinner, Chicago residents connect with homeless

Vikki Ortiz Healy •
Chicago Tribune
an empty restaurant table

At a trendy restaurant in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood, diners sat at a table near the front window and chatted casually over drinks. To someone looking in from the busy stretch of Broadway, the dinner party looked like any other group of friends grabbing a bite after work. But these unlikely dinner companions — a homeless


The countdown is on!

Arabic blue pattern beautiful geometric ornate

The new DePaul University Wintrust Arena is in the works! The stadium construction is almost finished with the first home game set for November 11. Wintrust Arena will seat more than 10,000 people and will be the cornerstone of “The Collection at McCormick Square,” located next to McCormick Center. This new home court for DePaul


Rethinking the nonprofit business model

Travis Barker •
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In a recent TED Talk, Pallotta contends that nonprofit business models should leverage the same business model tools and strategies as the for profit industry. The reasoning supporting this conclusion is that NPO’s need to become more competitive to recruit top talent, create competitive advantage, and generate additive values that are wanted by the customers