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How to build a nonprofit organization

Travis Barker •

The steps towards Building a nonprofit organization will vary depending on your organization’s location. Despite the different steps identified per country there remain many shared steps which we’ll discuss below: Step One – Incorporating as a nonprofit: Identify what type of corporation you want to create and submit the appropriate forms, documents, and information to


The etiquette of fundraising

Staff Writer, Miriam Cross, and Kiplinger's Personal Finance •

Lending your financial support to worthy causes feels good – until you feel sapped by frequent requests. Learn how to decline a request or solicit donations from others without overstepping boundaries, and give money in a way that’s meaningful. My friend asked me to contribute to a film project he is crowdfunding, but I would


6 ways to make the most of your charitable giving

RFC, Eric Mattinson, Investment Adviser Representative, and Semmax Financial Group Inc. •

I often talk about how my family has shaped me into the man I am today. One set of grandparents got me started on saving and understanding finances; they purchased mutual funds for me when I was young, and even got me a subscription to Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. My other grandparents taught me a


The Mural Building: City Year


Our current mural highlights City Year, an organization that works to combat the external factors and obstacles that interfere with Chicago students reaching their full potential. The organization has identified three warning signs that indicate a student is at risk of dropping out: poor attendance, disruptive behavior and course failure in math and English. City