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Here’s more proof that Millenials are the ‘Giving Generation’

Joseph Erbentraut •
Huffington Post
Engineer observing male apprentice work at his station

Though millennials are often stereotyped as lazy, selfish and entitled, new research has again shown that donating to charities and volunteering are important to today’s young professionals. Eighty-four percent of the 1,584 millennial workers surveyed made a charitable donation last year, according to the 2015 Millennial Impact Report. The findings, conducted by the consulting firm


Five financial habits all successful small business owners have in common

Renzo Costarella •
Asian women barista smiling standing at the coffee shop counter, female successful in small business owner.

Developing strong financial habits is key to any small businesses success. Nowadays with so much data collected, we can now draw comparisons between successful business owners and the financial habits they share. Those who continually follow the best practices are consistently outperforming those who don’t. That said, here are four financial habits all successful small


5 reasons to hire recent college grads

Maurie Backman •
The Motley Fool
Balloons. The children released a lot of balls with ropes in the sky.Red and green balloons in the blue sky in the rays of the sun.

Many college grads inevitably wind up in the same frustrating Catch-22-style situation: They need an entry-level job to gain experience, but no one wants to hire them because they lack — you guessed it — experience. And despite the fact that 90% of degree holders feel more than prepared for full-time employment, only about half