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Small business owners’ biggest retirement mistake

Founder, Nicholas Giacoumakis, president, Retirement Group Inc., New England Investment &, Cepa, and IAR/Investment Adviser •
Small business meeting

Investors often enjoy the excitement that comes with a strong bull market as we watch our investment portfolios grow. During these times, we aim to maximize the value and performance of our investments. And when bear markets hit, we seek to protect these assets. Whether we’re dealing with expansion cycles or recessionary risk cycles, we’re


Millennials optimistic about job outlook

Allen Greenberg •

Perhaps it’s the naiveté of youth. Or perhaps they know something the rest of us don’t. Either way, a poll by McGraw-Hill Education finds that 90 percent of college students are optimistic about their chances of finding meaningful employment after graduation. This is especially noteworthy, perhaps even puzzling, given that the unemployment rate for workers


Home offices: The new American workplace?

The Motley Fool and Iris Price •
The Motley Fool
Happy young woman is relaxing on comfortable couch and using laptop at home. Photo toned.

More and more Americans are working from home according to the latest research. Who are these remote employees and home-based, self-employed workers? They include millennial hipsters and semi-retired baby boomers; men and women — from stay-at-home caregivers and home-based entrepreneurs to professionals and service employees with full-time jobs that allow them to work remotely all