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Eight ways to increase employee engagement this holiday season

Katie Edwards •
Pretty pink

It’s December and the holidays are fast approaching. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Yule, or any other holiday, it’s great to get into the spirit and. Here are eight ways to improve employee engagement this season. 1. Set up holiday decorations. Depending on what your employees celebrate, spread some seasonal cheer by adding decorations


Amazon makes a move into small business

Daniel B. Kline •
The Motley Fool

For many businesses, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) operates as both a competitor and a partner. The online giant offers a platform for companies to sell their goods while it also competes with the same companies it works with. Now, the digital retailer has launched Amazon Storefronts, a new “store” that exclusively sells products from small and


How to make your workplace ready for Gen Z

William Arruda •

Photo credit: Getty Royalty Free Generation Z is about to change the face of the workforce. These new workers don’t remember a world without the internet and smartphones. They’ve witnessed hard times for their parents during the Great Recession. They’re coming of age in the era of #MeToo. And no, they’re not Millennials. The older


Three strategies to build a strong company culture

Naz Beheshti •

While a healthy paycheck is certainly of interest to many of us, the most successful employers have come to understand that pay alone does not attract or retain a company’s most desirable and talented employees. There is now greater employee emphasis on whether the organization aligns with their personal values, purpose, and has a positive